State Budget Update

Good News! The FY20 Conference Committee budget was passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor. It makes substantial investments in job training, career pathways for youth, and workforce development.

We are so grateful to Chair Michael Rodrigues, Chair Aaron Michlewitz, and all of the members of the Conference Committee for their outstanding work on this budget. We are also grateful to all the members of the Legislature who advocated for youth jobs, sector based job training, and expanded vocational technical education.

Here is a list of priorities that were supported by the Conference Committee budget:

  • Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund $7 M
  • Learn to Earn $950k
  • YouthWorks $15.5 M (plus earmarks)
  • School to Career Connecting Activities $4.5 M (plus earmarks)
  • Secure Jobs $2 M

Additionally, through our work with the Alliance for Vocational Technical Education, a new line item (7035-0001) was established to help support partnerships between comprehensive and vocational technical high schools.

Thanks for all your advocacy and support!

Click here to see the WSG budget chart.


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